Authenticity of Reviews

We do not perform automated checks of reviews to ensure that the reviews presented are actually from consumers. All visitors on our website can leave reviews for our products. The review submission is not bound to a user account or similar.

We use word filters to prevent any offensive, racist or promotional reviews.

Every incoming review will be manually checked and verified by us. During this process, we check the content of the review for logical inconsistencies and other anomalies, among other things.

For the plausibility check, we consider the entire customer’s review behavior and also take a look at the content and metadata (e.g., IP address, device ID, date) of the rating. We check whether the acquisition and valuation of the product are in temporal and spatial relation to each other, and whether there are contradictions in content. In doing so, we investigate the question of whether the customer has actually used the product.

Reviews that cannot be assigned to the product or are incorrect in content will be deleted by us.

In exceptional cases, we post-process reviews. This includes the correction of spelling mistakes and naming errors of our products.

In addition, we complete reviews upon a customer’s request.