A simple and lightweight solution to connect your WooCommerce store with Collmex. Requires WooCommerce. Supports WooCommerce Germanized, Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce, WooCommerce PayPal Payments & WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.


New: WooMex is now also optimized for large stores! Check out our tutorial to learn more about product import, especially for large stores!

Function overview

WooMex uses the official Collmex API for secure data transfer when using all functions.

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Export orders

Export of orders

New WooCommerce orders are exported to Collmex and created there as sales orders.


Create & send invoices

Invoices / cancellation invoices can be created automatically within Collmex for a sales order and sent to the customer.


Synchronize order status

WooCommerce orders will be aut. set too Completed, as soon as a Collmex customer order is completed.

Confirm payments

Payment confirmations can be sent automatically to Collmex after a payment is confirmed.

Import products

Collmex products can be imported as WooCommerce products, as well as updated or deleted via the importer.

Stock management

Stocks / batches can be automatically synchronized with Collmex and adjusted in case of external withdrawal, e.g., through sales on eBay.

Automatic import

With the automatic product import, your prices & details are always up-to-date. New products are also created.

Create deliveries

Deliveries can be created automatically within Collmex for a sales order.

Import products

Stock refillment

If an order is cancelled, the products taken from the stock are refilled in Collmex.

Import customers

Import of customers

Existing customers within Collmex can be imported as WooCommerce customers, as well as updated or deleted.


Customer synchronization

Customers imported from Collmex can automatically be synchronized & updated with Collmex once or several times a day.

Customer update

If customer data is changed by a customer / employee, the customer will automatically be updated within Collmex.

Import of coupons

Collmex coupons can be imported as WooCommerce coupons, as well as updated or deleted.

Import coupons


The WooMex Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the system status of WooMex as well as an evaluation of your transferred orders & the automatic product import.

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