Woo Batches

A great and simple plugin which adds a complete batch management to your WooCommerce store (FIFO principle).

Woo Batches overview

Function overview

Woo Batches extends existing WooCommerce interfaces in a nifty way without changing WooCommerce itself.

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Woo Batches product overview

Batches overview

Get an overview of all your batches directly at the product overview page of WooCommerce.

Create batches

Create batches for simple & variable products and manage them inside the batches table.

Change orders

Manually change batches within orders after they have been automatically assigned to an order.

Batch display in the store

If you wish, you can display your available batches directly within the product inside your store.


Woo Batches gives you an overview page of all your batches – across products and in detail!


Import / Export

Batches are taken into account when exporting / importing products from or to WooCommerce.

Woo Batches order overview

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