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A great and simple solution to easily sell and manage licenses through your WooCommerce store. Supports Woo Subscriptions (Pro) & WPML.

Extend Enwikuna License Manager with Enwikuna License Manager Pro and get even more features such as distributors or the REST API.

One single price - no hidden costs, no additional fees, no confusing pricing models.

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Function overview

Enwikuna License Manager & Enwikuna License Manager Pro extends your WooCommerce store in a smart way, allowing you to sell licenses.

Test it now without any worries!

Take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee* to test Enwikuna License Manager Pro without any worries or obligations.

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License table

Create and manage your licenses within a table. Use the bulk actions, filter, sort or search.

Encryption of licenses

Licenses can be encrypted within the database using a special encryptor key.


Internal license notes

Enter notes for all your licenses. License notes can subsequently be viewed inside the license table.


Locking of licenses

Temporarily lock licenses to resolve issues with customers and to avoid further complications.

License status model

In stock > Trial approved | Sold > Delivered > Active | Inactive > Locked

Host support

Bind licenses to hosts and allow the interaction of these licenses exclusively from the defined hosts.


Trial licenses

Offer trial licenses to customers to let them test your products before they buy them.


Import / export of licenses

Save time and avoid errors by typing. Create a data backup or integrate licenses into third-party systems.

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Enwikuna License Manager Konto Lizenz

Automatic / manual license creation

Automatically generate licenses when a certain order status is reached or manually by clicking a button.

Deletion of licenses

Automatically delete all licenses of an associated order when the order gets deleted.

Offline license activations

Realize the activation of software that does not have or may not have an online connection.

Stock management

Create new licenses in the status In Stock and enter products to enable sales by stock.

License account page

Your customers will receive a direct overview of all licenses including various management functions.

Generator table

Create and manage your generators within a table. Use the bulk actions, filter, sort or search.

License certificates

License certificates give your customers a way to prove that they have legally acquired a license.

Generation of licenses

Generate new licenses using existing generators, e.g. to store them in the stock.

Enwikuna License Manager generators table
Enwikuna License Manager distributors table

Import / export of generators

Save time and avoid errors by typing. Create a data backup or integrate generators into third-party systems.


Internal distributor notes

Enter notes for all your distributors. Distributor notes can subsequently be viewed inside the distributor table.


Create and manage your distributors within a table. Use the bulk actions, filter, sort or search.


Locking of distributors

Temporarily lock distributors to resolve issues with partners and avoid further complications.

Encryption of distributor codes

Distributor codes can be encrypted within the database using a special encryptor key.

Generation of distributor codes

Generate new distributor codes for distributors to resell via a store, for example.

Download of distributor codes

Download distributor codes as a CSV file to send them to distributors for further use.

Deletion of distributor codes

Automatically delete a distributor code after it has been successfully redeemed by a customer.

Enwikuna License Manager distributor codes table
Enwikuna License Manager releases table

Release management

Create and manage your releases within a table. Use the bulk actions, filter, sort or search.


Import / export of releases

Save time and avoid errors by typing. Create a data backup or integrate releases into third-party systems.


Manage licenses, generators, releases, products & products installed on via an integrated REST API.

Woo Subscriptions

Sell your licenses as subscriptions and benefit from automated license renewals.

Expiring downloads

Automatically set the end date for downloadable files of orders to the end date of licenses.

Notifications about licenses

Send the customer an email of new licenses and inform him about soon expiring or expired licenses and much more.

Products installed on

Manage your products installed on within a table. Use the bulk actions, filter, sort or search.


Protect pages & products

Only allow access to protected pages and products with a valid license.

Enwikuna License Manager products installed on table

Your opinions about the Enwikuna License Manager

3 reviews for Enwikuna License Manager

  1. DE

    Marcel de Lorme

    I use Enwikuna License Manager for my Woocommerce extension.

    I looked at and tested some plugins.
    The new layout of the Enwikuna License Manager Pro and the functions convinced me, but when I contacted support for the first time, I was completely convinced that choosing this plugin was the right decision.

    Many thanks to the Enwikuna team for the great work!

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  2. DE


    The best non centralised licensing solution available. You can look all over the place, there’s nothing that comes close!

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  3. DE

    Digital Leap

    Enwikuna License Manager has made managing licenses for my digital products a breeze with its user-friendly interface and extensive features. Its seamless integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions simplifies the sales process and license renewals, allowing me to focus more on product quality.

    An additional layer of security and control is provided by the option to bind licenses to a specific host, preventing the unauthorized use or piracy of my products. With continuous improvements and dedicated support, Enwikuna License Manager is a highly recommended solution for anyone looking for reliable license management.

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