How to revert to an older version of Enwikuna Helper

For security reasons, we always recommend using the latest version of all plugins and extensions on your website. Besides, the latest version of our plugins and extensions always have the advantage of having all currently available features and functions. Therefore, this section is intended only as a guideline and not as a recommendation.

To use an older version of Enwikuna Helper:

  1. Deactivate and delete the current plugin
  2. Restore a database backup of the older version
  3. Request an older version of Enwikuna Helper via e-mail
  4. Install & activate the requested version

A warning – as mentioned in step two, you need to check and see if the Enwikuna Helper database version has been updated between the versions or not. Most of the time, updates also adjust the database, so you’ll need to restore your database from a previous database backup to make sure everything works.

For this reason, we strongly recommend creating backups in addition to a test environment to test new versions of business-critical software such as Enwikuna Helper.