What is the difference between the free and the Pro version of Enwikuna License Manager?

Enwikuna License Manager is a plugin that allows you to sell licenses for digital products such as software and other digital goods. It is a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, which in the free version includes certain basic features that allow you to sell licenses. Thus, the free version is a great option for small businesses or individuals who want to sell digital products.

In the free version of Enwikuna License Manager, for example, it is possible to enter internal notes for licenses. This means that as a seller of digital products, you can store important information about the licenses and view and edit it as needed. Furthermore, the free version offers various email notifications to inform the customer about the current status of a license. This can be helpful, for example, when license expiration or renewal is approaching. It is also possible to lock licenses, which prevents a customer from interacting with the license.

The free version also offers configurable generators that can be used to generate the licenses at the end. These generators can be assigned to products and ensure a smooth and fast delivery of new licenses to the customer during the selling process.

Another important point is the support of WPML, a multilingual plugin for WordPress that helps translate websites. This support can be useful when offering digital products in multiple languages.

Enwikuna License Manager Pro adds some important features to the free version that make selling licenses even better. The most important feature in the Pro version is the REST API, which can be used to connect external applications to Enwikuna License Manager, e.g. to control licenses or activate them from external software.

Another important point in the Pro version is the support of Woo Subscriptions, allowing licenses to be renewed automatically when a subscription gets renewed. In addition, the expiration date of a license can be bound here to the expiration date of a subscription. This is a great advantage for companies that offer subscriptions to digital products.

Enwikuna License Manager Pro also offers an export / import functionality that can be used to export and import licenses, generators & releases. This is especially useful if you want to use Enwikuna License Manager on another website or simply create a backup.

Another feature is the integration of hosts, which can be used to bind licenses to specific hosts. This is especially useful when using software licenses, as you can ensure that the license can only be activated on the specified systems. Hosts can for example be URLs, MAC addresses or UUIDs.

Release management is also important. This makes it possible to create or plan new releases. Subsequently, this information can be accessed via REST API and integrated into update processes such as the one of WordPress.

For software that does not have an active online connection, the offline license activation would also be a very important function!

Overall, Enwikuna License Manager is a powerful tool for managing licenses and automating license sales processes. The free version offers basic functions that can be sufficient for many applications. However, the Pro version contains important functions that are primarily of great use for more complex use cases.