Support functions


In order to better support you in case of errors on your page, we have built some support functions into Enwikuna Helper, which however (with some exceptions) should only be used by us. You can find all support functions under Tools > Enwikuna Support.

Service user

Please enable the service user only when we ask you to do so. This will create a new account on your page with admin rights. We will then receive the access data, which we can then use to log in and help you with your problem.

Please perform a backup of your page before each enabling and disable the service user immediately after we have performed the analysis / help. We are not responsible for errors that are not related to the plugin or the service user.

The service user will be deactivated automatically after 2 days, if you forget to deactivate the service user.


Here we have the possibility to enable debugging on your page and view the log files that are created by your page. This allows us to quickly identify when there is an error.

Function executor

The function executor allows us to manually run the update functions of one of our plugins. This is sometimes necessary when some functions have not been executed correctly, causing errors.