How do I add my logo to the license certificates?

By default, your website uses the logo that you have defined within the Theme Customizer of WordPress for the license certificates. This means that you don’t have to do anything else — your logo will be displayed automatically. You can find out how to add a logo here.

However, a few themes do not offer the option of adding a logo or partially remove this option. Although this is very rare, it does occur. In this case, you must provide your logo to the certificate generation via a small extension. You can find out how to extend the Enwikuna License Manager here. If you do not enter a logo, the name of your website will be displayed instead of the logo.

Here you will find an example that you can copy and use. You only need to replace the URL between the single quotation marks:

add_filter( 'elm_wc_account_license_certificate_website_logo_url', 'filter_elm_wc_account_license_certificate_website_logo_url' );
function filter_elm_wc_account_license_certificate_website_logo_url(): string {
	return '';

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